Former Bacchus Marsh Gasworks

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The Project

BlueSphere has been engaged on this project since 2011 undertaking a complex range soil and groundwater investigations through to remedial design and implementation which will see this former gasworks site rendered suitable for public use.The site is currently owned by DTF and is subject to a 53X environmental audit. The site is located adjacent to sensitive residential receptors and groundwater users.

The project has involved detailed characterisation and delineation of free phase and dissolved phase groundwater impacts both on and off-Site via extensive use of sonic drilling, Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) and FLUTe investigation methodologies. From these investigations BlueSphere developed a robust conceptual site model (CSM) for the site including fate and transport of key contaminants. The CSM informed the Remedial Options Assessment and clean up objectives for the site.

Bench scale testing, including treatability studies for the clean-up of dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) to identify preferred remedial technologies for the Site, has been conducted. A bench-scale remedial trial for the smouldering combustion technique STAR (Self-Sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation) then a pilot scale remedial trial comprising in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) was conducted, under BlueSphere’s direction and with assistance from Geosyntec.


The CSM and Remedial Options Assessment have been endorsed by the appointed environmental auditor.

On the basis of the remedial trials conducted, a preferred remedial approach has been selected (surfactant-enhanced remediation) for which in principle agreement has been obtained by the environmental auditor.

BlueSphere is currently preparing a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) for full-scale remediation of the site which will be reviewed by the appointed environmental auditor. Once approved, the RAP will serve to obtain CUTEP for the site and the completion of the audit.

Benefits to Client

  • Development of a robust hydrogeological and geochemical conceptual model that facilitated well targeted/value for money investigations.

  • Provision of a pragmatic and relatively cost effective remedial strategy that has been endorsed by the environmental auditor and is on track to achieve auditor and EPA approved CUTEP.