Contaminated Land Management is a large part of BlueSphere’s core business.  Our projects range from small scale soil investigation and remediation to some of the largest and complex soil and groundwater contamination assessment and remediation projects in this field.  Our hydrogeological knowledge and experience and ability to develop robust conceptual site models often distinguishes us from other consultants and enables us to efficiently target out efforts, effectively communicate to clients and other stakeholders and deliver value for money to our clients.

BlueSphere has the expertise and capability to cover off all aspects of contaminated land management, including:

Preliminary Site Investigations (PSIs) - detailed desktop site history investigations to assess and identify current and historical potentially contaminating activities and assess potential risks posed by contamination identified.

Detailed Site Investigations (DSIs) - intrusive soil and groundwater investigations to assess the presence of contaminants of concern and whether contamination poses an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment. BlueSphere specialises in the development of sound and robust Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) to understand 'how the site works' from a contamination migration perspective.

Groundwater Investigations and Groundwater Modelling - complex groundwater investigations to assess the fate and transport of contaminants in groundwater and impacts to the relevant beneficial use criteria, including aquifer testing and groundwater modelling.

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment - an assessment of risks actually posed by the presence of contamination, including hazard identification and mitigation, potential human and environmental impacts, contamination migration pathways, and contaminant toxicity and risk characterisation. Our team has undertaken a number of human health and ecological risk assessments involving both evaluating site specific risks to determine if remediation/management is necessary, to minimise remediation, or for the derivation of site specific remediation criteria to relax remedial targets.

Remedial Planning - preparation of Remediation Option Assessment reports, Remediation Action Plans and Clean Up Plans. This can involve the evaluation of a broad range of remedial options based on technical, logistical and financial considerations for a given contamination challenge. BlueSphere has extensive experience in assessing novel and innovative remediation approaches for a wide range of contaminants.

Remediation - BlueSphere has managed remediation pilot trials in the laboratory and field, as well as delivery of vapour mitigation, ex-situ remediation and in-situ remediation strategies.  Recently completed groundwater remedial works include hydraulic containment, in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) with stabilised hydrogen peroxide and enhanced anaerobic bioremediation of chlorinated solvents.  BlueSphere also has extensive experience in the assessment and remediation of gasworks sites.

Soil Classification and Disposal - investigation and classification of soils in accordance with relevant state guidelines, legislation for off-site disposal/on-site reuse; preparation of environmental management plans to manage residual human health and environmental risks.

Environmental Management Plans - preparation of plans to manage human health and environmental risks due to the presence of residual soil and/or groundwater contamination. Our plans are also developed to help our clients avoid contamination.

Environmental Monitoring - BlueSphere has strong expertise in routine environmental monitoring including sampling of surface water, soil, groundwater and soil vapour in accordance with environmental monitoring plans (Environmental Monitoring Programs or Groundwater Quality Management Plans) or audit requirements. BlueSphere can design and establish monitoring systems and programs including the drilling, design and installation of groundwater monitoring wells.  Our strength in understanding conceptual site models often enables us to substantially rationalize monitoring programs so our clients get value for money and reduce risk and are not just monitoring for monitoring’s sake.

Soil Vapour - BlueSphere has extensive experience in assessment of soil vapour and the associated risks to human health.  BlueSphere has undertaken numerous vapour investigations involving the installation of permanent soil vapour bores, sub-slab vapour pins and temporary soil vapour spears, with sampling undertaken via evacuated canisters and adsorbent tubes. BlueSphere is able to apply both soil vapour modelling techniques and direct indoor air measurement techniques to assess the risk to human receptors from intrusion of vapours into indoor air.  BlueSphere also has experience in the installation of vapour mitigation systems to manage vapour intrusion risks for new and existing buildings.

Expert Witness - BlueSphere has highly experienced and qualified staff that can provide expert witness support, particularly in contaminated land and groundwater related matters. Our team members have experience preparing expert witness reports, supporting court and tribunal cases and working closely with legal teams in general.