David Butterfield

David Butterfield

Senior Hydrogeologist

Qualifications: BSc  (Hons), Grad Cert Sc, Grad Dip Sc, MSc Sc (Groundwater Hydrogeology)

David is a hydrogeologist with over eight and a half years experience within the environmental consulting industry (solar and hydrogeological investigations). David has experience regarding field investigations of soil and groundwater, groundwater drilling techniques and well installation, database management, use of analytical software, health and safety procedures, hydrochemistry, handling of laboratory data and quality assurance/quality control.

David has been part of the team conducting a major groundwater and soil vapour investigation at a large industrial site in Adelaide since June 2015. David has worked on a number of projects including groundwater and soil vapour sampling, bore installation and development, large scale soil vapour screening programs, several annual environmental monitoring and hydrogeological field programs,  vapour mitigation system testing and commissioning, geotechnical test pitting  and associated quality assurance procedures.

Areas of Expertise: