Consulting to the mining and quarrying industry has formed an integral part of BlueSphere’s business since inception.  BlueSphere’s staff have experience throughout mine/quarry lifecycle from the exploration phase (i.e. exploration drilling environmental management plans and exploring for groundwater supply) to closure and post closure plans and their implementation.  We often team with other specialists (i.e. limnologists, geochemists, geotechnical experts and hydrologists) to tailor our services to the particular circumstances being faced by our clients.   

BlueSphere can assist with:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Establishment and conduct of baseline assessments
  • Permitting
  • Surface water management and groundwater supply and management (including dewatering, assistance with acid mine drainage prevention and management, water balances and monitoring)
  • Mine planning including assistance with siting, elements of design and monitoring of major facilities (i.e. waste rock dumps, tailings dams, evaporation dams, landfills, fuel supplies etc) aimed at avoiding contamination
  • Land and groundwater contamination assessment and remediation including closure plans and their implementation
  • Aquifer testing and groundwater modelling
  • Drilling and installation of monitoring wells
  • Independent technical peer review