Sally Egan

Sally Egan

Senior Associate Environmental Engineer

Qualifications:  BEng (Civil & Env) (Hons) MEngSc

Sally has over 15 years’ experience in the site contamination industry. Her most recent roles include the project management of a wide range of complex contaminated site projects and overseeing several site audit programmes on behalf of two interstate-based South Australian-accredited auditors. Recent project sites have included railyards, former landfills, former gasworks and a 150 year old hospital site with a range of former industrial activities; all presenting a range of potentially contaminating activities, variety of potential chemicals of concern and varying proposed end uses and receptors.

Sally is up to date with relevant site contamination guidelines and legislation and recognises when specialists such as risk assessors and remediation specialists need to be involved in assisting with developing the most effective solutions.

Her site contamination experience has been obtained in a number of locations around Australia and overseas, including Guam, New Caledonia, United Kingdom and China. Whilst in China working on contaminated land research projects with the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development she expanded this project work with additional research for a Masters of Engineering Science.

Areas of Expertise: