A major portion of BlueSphere’s work derives from landfill-related projects with several clients (government and private) maintained since company inception.  BlueSphere provides consulting services throughout the full landfill lifecycle from landfill siting through to post closure management.  Our team has been involved in some of the largest and contentious landfill-related projects in Australia and we pride ourselves on achieving good business outcomes for our clients rather than just providing technical services.

Specific capability includes:

  • Monitoring system design, installation and rationalisation for landfill gas, surface water, groundwater and leachate including preparation of environmental management plans

  • Landfill gas monitoring and management

  • Surface Water, Groundwater and leachate monitoring and management

  • Risk Assessment (Qualitative and Quantitative)

  • Routine Environmental Licence Compliance Monitoring and Annual Reporting to inform Annual Performance Statements (APS)

  • Hydrogeological Assessments including groundwater modelling

  • Surface Water and Groundwater Resource establishment and planning

  • Remediation planning and Implementation

  • Landfill closure and post-closure landfill management

  • Environmental Works Approvals and aspects of Planning Approvals

  • Siting optimisation

  • Assistance with regulatory and community engagement

  • Landfill Construction Quality Assurance

  • Auditing and Expert Witness Services