WAter resource and wastewater management

BlueSphere personnel have undertaken and managed numerous water resource and wastewater management projects throughout Australia, assisting our clients to address their water resource sustainability, water quality and wastewater requirements, often in complex regulatory environments.

Our specific capabilities includes:

Environmental Monitoring and Investigation - BlueSphere has strong expertise in the delivery of projects involving monitoring system/program design, establishment/installation of environmental monitoring systems, gauging, sampling and analysis of surface water, groundwater and effluent and aquifer testing and interpretation, including groundwater modelling, delivering numerous projects to water industry stakeholders to date. We strive to deliver outcomes that are appropriately targeted, rationalised, defensible and commensurate with the risk profile of the Site.

Data Management – The ongoing management of data collected by numerous consultants or across sectors can be inherently challenging. BlueSphere can assist in the assessment and implementation of data management systems, including online cloud based systems, allowing clients and consultants to share and centrally manage data.

Surface Water - Groundwater Interaction – BlueSphere has a thorough understanding of complex hydrodynamics and use of appropriate hydraulic and geochemical characterisation techniques, which has played an integral role in determining potential impacts to environmental receptors or in the characterisation of sources on a wide range of sites.

Preliminary Site Investigations and Detailed Site Investigations – BlueSphere has extensive experience in undertaking environmental investigations using the National risk-based framework for the assessment of contaminated sites. These investigations have been used for due diligence purposes and also to inform clients in the management of contaminated land.

Water Resource Management – BlueSphere has extensive experience in the management of surface water and groundwater resources, including identification of potential environmental risks to water supplies such as sustainability, climate change, contamination, regulation, wastewater management and community perception.

PFAS/Emerging Contaminants - BlueSphere has considerable expertise in the assessment of PFAS within the environment, having undertaken detailed PFAS investigation of soil, groundwater, sediment, biota and vegetation at several high profile sites. BlueSphere is highly familiar with the rapidly changing and evolving set of regulatory policies,  and guidelines, which is supported by our appointment to the Defence PFAS panel. BlueSphere is also currently involved in research programs to investigate the use of emerging organic contaminants and isotopic tracers to assist in delineating multiple contamination sources.

Risk Management - Managing risks associated with contamination issues is what BlueSphere does.  BlueSphere has assisted numerous clients with risk identification, risk based strategy development and undertaking various forms of qualitative and quantitative risk assessment.

Remedial Planning/Implementation - Where the need for remediation has been identified, BlueSphere has a strong background in assisting clients in the determination of suitable remedial strategies, and the preparation of Remediation Action Plans or Clean Up Plans. BlueSphere has also assisted multiple clients in the management and implementation of remediation strategies to restore the environmental values of the Site, ranging from laboratory and field trials to full-scale remedial works.

Regulatory Compliance - BlueSphere has three accredited environmental auditors able to undertake statutory audits in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. This has subsequently lead to BlueSphere having a strong relationships with the EPAs and extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, that has proven instrumental assisting our clients in responding to statutory notices.

Strategic Advice and Regulatory Liaison - In a complex and ever changing regulatory environment, BlueSphere has assisted numerous clients in the preparation or development of environmental management measures, policies and procedures, including liaison with regulators.

Communication and Stakeholder Management - BlueSphere are accustomed to communicating complex contamination issues in a clear and simple manner. This includes communicating with various stakeholders including clients, regulators and the community.