West Melbourne Precinct Water Quality Investigation

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The Project

BlueSphere was engaged to conduct a broad assessment of groundwater conditions across the West Melbourne precinct of the Port of Melbourne.  The objectives were to conduct an extensive site history review and based on extensive groundwater datasets across the region, determine the background concentrations of organic and inorganic constituents in groundwater and identify areas where contaminant concentrations were not attributable to regional background issues.


One of the key project outcomes was the derivation of site-specific ecological criteria for groundwater in accordance with the provisions of ANZECC (2000).  The study provided clear justification for the rationalisation of criteria values drawing on BlueSphere’s extensive knowledge local surface water – groundwater interactions, diffuse background issues associated with regional filling and a quantification of background surface water quality conditions. 

Benefits to Client

  • Rationalisation of the groundwater quality criteria for areas up-gradient of discharge areas, including the development of a tiered system depending on location in the groundwater flow path. 
  • Greatly improved understanding of the historical context of the region, including the widespread filling and reclamation with dredge spoil, gasworks wastes and inert wastes associated with the early development of the City of Melbourne and Port of Melbourne.